Saturday, July 28, 2007

U.S.A. global reputation .... pathetic

America's Corporate-Owned Press is to Blame for America's Pathetic Global Reputation

A. Alexander July 28th, 2007 The Progressive Daily Beacon

The United States is increasingly viewed by the world as being dangerous. And, the world is absolutely right to perceive America's government in such a light. Sure, Mister Bush and the radicalized Republican Party have a lot to do with how the world perceives the United States, but America's corporate-owned press must shoulder most of the blame.

The current administration assumes itself to be too smart for either the American people, or the world's inhabitants to figure out. Their behavior is to be expected. After all, the mentally unstable and emotionally deranged tend to be susceptible to bouts of extreme grandiosity. What is most interesting, however, is the fact that America's corporate-owned media has completely deluded itself into believing that no one, either foreign or domestic, has caught onto its sorry mode of operation.

America's corporate-owned media receives a press release from the White House and they run it without question. The current administration could put out a press release stating: "All members of the press are hereby declared members of al Qaeda and will be summarily executed," and the media would distribute it without thinking or blinking.

The problem for America's corporate-owned media is that, before it is presented for public consumption, most of the world's news outlets actually research the information that they receive. For example: while the American media falsely claimed that Bush had somehow limited the use of torture during interrogations, world media correctly reported the fact that Bush had simply given the go-ahead for the CIA to begin interrogating people using extreme methods.

And then, of course, there is the administration's latest terror-scare regarding airports and blocks of cheese and clay. Not one of the four incidents was considered threatening. It was what it was...cheese. There were no wires, no terrorists, and no ties to terrorism - just people being people and doing goofy things, like, say, lugging around cheese or taping the leak in their clay-based therapeutic cold pack. It didn't matter to America's corporate-owned press, though. They reported the administration's terror scare without thought or question.

People around the world see the misleading and fabricated news reports and they rightly assume the United States to be a danger to their security. Unlike in America, most of the world's people are given enough accurate information to know when half-baked maniacs like Mister Bush and Cheney are engaging in policies that threaten global stability. Too, people around the globe find it to be quite galling that they have to watch, read and listen to America's corporate-owned media as it lies to the American people. Because the world knows, if the American people are given the truth, they respond in a manner that ultimately means less suffering for the global community.

However, when the world is forced to endure madmen like Bush and Cheney and they know America's corporate-owned press is shilling for the administration's dangerous policies, then the world's people become enraged. And, rightfully so! After all, they know better than anyone, that when America's corporate-owned press teams up with lunatics in the United States government, it is the global population that pays the biggest price.

The world is right to view the United States as being dangerous and the corporate-owned press is to blame for that unfortunate reality.