Monday, April 10, 2006

and the bar just got lower ...

April 10, 2006,

[his experience was so admired by salmon arm ... that had he ran for re-election as mayor, i doult if he would have retained his seat ... tho, he did win as a conservative mp, he did not receive popular support in the federal election in salmon arm area of the riding ... so why did he receive the popular support in the other areas of the riding and be elected as mp - i suspect that either he baffled them with his bull or the voters were not informed as they should have been or at any cost to the riding - they would voted conservative. therefore, the standing committee on veterans and aboriginal affairs has just taken a big slip by having him on these committees]

Last week, Okanagan-Shuswap MP Colin Mayes was assigned to the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs as well as the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Mayes stated, “My experience as Mayor of Salmon Arm working with the Adams Lake Band and the Neskonlith Band gives me insight into many issues raised by First Nations. The Provincial Minister for Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, Tom Christensen, from my riding, will be a great resource for me as I serve on this committee. I know that the base for good relationships is respect. I have proven in the past that I have respect for the First Nations governance and culture.”

During Mayes’s terms as Mayor of Salmon Arm, two service agreements were signed with the Adams Lake Band and the relations between the two communities were greatly improved.

Veterans Affairs will be a learning opportunity for Mayes. “Our government’s New Veterans Charter announced on April 6th is a testimonial to how important our Veterans are to this government.

I look forward to working on the Veterans Affairs Committee to further strengthen our ability to respond quickly and fairly to their concerns,” concluded Mayes.