Wednesday, April 12, 2006

and the world continues to shut their eyes ...

SIS Report: 28 Palestinians Killed and 195 Injured in Israeli Aggression Last March

GAZA, Palestine, April 12, 2006 (IPC) - -
A report monitoring the Israeli violations and aggression against the Palestinian people confirmed that 28 Palestinians were killed and 195 others were injured throughout the month of March, in addition to damaging 38 buildings, two mosques and six schools.

The report, which was prepared the State Information Service (SIS) Palestinian National Information Center (PNIC), asserted that Israeli have not ceased its offensive against the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territories, using its war machine and violating an array of international laws and conventions that protect civilians in times of war.

Human Loss
The report pointed out that the unprecedented military escalation of the Israeli occupation forces has resulted in the death of 28 Palestinians, including seven children, and the injury of 195 others. This brings about the death toll throughout the Al Aqsa Intifada since September 28, 2000 to 4,326 Palestinians, and a total of 46,548 injured.

Bulldozing of Lands and Uprooting of Trees
The report further mentioned that the Israeli violations were not just limited to the killing and shooting at Palestinian population centers, but extended to bulldozing arable lands and uprooting fruit-bearing trees, as Israeli forces expropriated 1,249 dunums of land last month for the sake of constructing the Israeli Apartheid Wall. Israeli forces have expropriated since it started constructing the Wall on April 30, 2005 an area of 76,867 dunums of land, and uprooted 1,355,290 trees since that time.

Extrajudicial Executions
As part of its violations of international humanitarian law, Israel killed five Palestinians in different extrajudicial executions it carried out last month, bringing the number of
Palestinians - targeted and civilian bystanders - extra-judicially executed to 399.

Demolition of Houses and Properties
In coincidence with its racist plots to dispossess Palestinians from their lands, Israel forcibly seized 33 houses last month and demolished seven others, under the false pretexts of building without permits, bringing the total number of houses demolished by Israel since the beginning of the Intifada to 7,628 houses, while 63,842 others have been partially damaged by Israeli forces during shelling or attacks on cities and towns.

Attacks by Settlers
SIS report also revealed that armed Israeli settlers have, under complete protection by the Israeli soldiers, continued their attacks on Palestinian civilians during the past month, as 45 incidents were reported. Since the beginning of the Intifada, 65 Palestinians, including 11 children, were killed by Israeli settlers.

Siege, Closures and Military Checkpoints
The report also made clear that Israeli forces have continued their tight military siege on Palestinian cities, towns and refugee camps, and set up military roadblocks and checkpoints on vital roads throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem. During March, Israeli troops set up 84 military roadblocks, totaling the number of checkpoints and roadblocks Israel set up since the beginning of the Intifada to 3,991 roadblocks and checkpoints. 140 Palestinians were killed at checkpoints over that time.

Israeli forces continued arresting and detaining Palestinians, whether at checkpoints or through incursions into Palestinian population centers. These arrests are normally accompanied by physical abuse of the detainees or their families.

Throughout the Intifada, Israel continued to hold 9,400 Palestinian prisoners in 30 jails and detention camps, with 369 prisoners serving sentences before the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority, and 1,200 suffering chronic and serious illnesses, in addition to 120 female prisoners and 330 children under 18 years of age. 182 Palestinian prisoners died in Israeli jails due to excessive torture, intentional medical negligence or premeditated murder after their arrest.

In the past month, Israeli forces arrested 521 Palestinians on 483 flying checkpoints it established.

Attacks on Medical Teams
The report also mentioned that Israeli forces didn't spare the medical teams their wrath too, as the current Intifada witnessed an unprecedented infringement of the right to proper medical care and curbing of the medics' freedom of movement. 36 Palestinian medics were killed during the current Intifada, while ambulances were attacked and damaged 372 times, in which 444 medics were injured. Medical centers were assaulted by Israeli forces 369 times, while five mothers died while giving birth at Israeli checkpoints, and 39 babies died prematurely at the different Israeli checkpoints due to denying them access to proper medical care.