Friday, April 7, 2006

an asset to the liberals ...

Trudeau to Head Youth Task Force on Liberal Renewal
CFRA, April 7, 2006

Justin Trudeau is set to head a "youth task force" to help renew the Federal Liberal Party.

The Liberals have persuaded the son of the late Prime Minister to examine how the party can rebuild after its January election defeat.

The Youth Task Force will address why young people are not civically engaged, whether Canada needs a youth service corps and whether youth gangs should be a special priority in anti-crime policies.

Tom Axworthy, who served as a top aide to Pierre Trudeau, has been assigned by the Liberals to come up with a blueprint for party renewal.


Prairie Kid said...

If Ken Dryden's had a son who was an unproven goaltender, would the Montreal Canadiens hire him to scout for the team? I don't think so. Just because his father had success in politics doesn't mean he will be the same.

audacious said...

if you do a bit of a search on justin yourself, you will find how many programs he is involved in with instilling leadership with/in youth groups or the katimavik program ... . his ability to work with / for youths says alot already.