Friday, April 21, 2006

how pathetic; tory email sent asking for protesters ...

Tories mustering
April 21, 2006, 24 HOURS

Members of the Campaign to De-Elect David Emerson may have some company when they show up to today to demonstrate at a Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon.

According to an e-mail distributed to Tory operatives yesterday morning, the Conservatives are planning a counter-protest to "show [party] support" for Emerson, who is delivering a keynote address to the luncheon.

The e-mail notes supporters should "feel free to wear any Conservative Party item you may have: T-shirts, ball caps, buttons and so on."

The e-mail also states it would be, "a great opportunity to get our message of support into the media."

Suggested sign slogans include "Emerson = Courage" and "Keep up the good work!"

The Conservatives are also encouraging their demonstrators to "be respectful of those who may not share our political views" and not "engage in any shouting matches."


wilson61 said...

"how pathetic"

When Tories do it, it's pathetic;
when LibDippers do it, it's democracy at work.

That is pathetic.

audacious said...

when harper down playes and doesn't give a damn about the voters in this riding, ... and in recent comments of "The same 10 people all the time. It's getting kind of old hat, isn't it?" says harper ... ...

if harper went and talked to some of these protesters, he would find more than ten ...

so from harpers eyes it isn't an issue, yet the party is going out to boost emerson ...

pathetic or contradition?