Thursday, April 6, 2006

is the u.s. government on the list? ...

Internet seen as 'virtual university of terrorism'
Spectator wire services, TORONTO (Apr 6, 2006)

Senior federal cabinet ministers will be handed a "snapshot" today of how terrorists have dramatically increased their Internet presence over the past year to create a "virtual university of terrorism."

More than 6,000 terror- and hate-related websites have been catalogued by the U.S.-based Simon Wiesenthal Center in their annual report, to be released today in Ottawa. They represent a 20 per cent increase over last year, said Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

"I think there's been a line crossed in so far as the Internet really emerging as a virtual university of terrorism," said Cooper, associate dean of the centre. "Giving the political leadership a snapshot of what's going on will help to ... bring them up to speed."

He is to meet Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay, Justice Minister Vic Toews, and Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day in Ottawa to press his case.


Revolutionary Blogger said...

great cartoon, this is how feel right now also

audacious said...

and look at the news, our country with the tories; different headlines ... different indifferences