Tuesday, April 11, 2006

israeli soilders attacking children and impair journalists ...

Nablus Liable to Daily Foray by IOF, Arresting Several and Terrorizing Civilians

NABLUS, Palestine, April 11, 2006 (IPC+ Agencies) - -Israeli occupation forces has attacked Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, Director of Medical Relief Association in Nablus while he passing through 24 street in Nablus city.

Hmadan said that the occupation soldiers beat him up with a chair while he was attempting to offer help to a resident attacked by the soldiers.

Meanwhile, the occupation troops rounded up 16 residents in a dawn incursion toady into Nablus city including 6 students of Al Najah National University after storming in several neighborhoods of the city.

Confrontations were flared up between the invading soldiers and schoolboys of Abed Al Latief Hawash in Rass Al Ein area in which the IOF soldiers used live rounds and tear gas canisters to disperse the students.

During the incursion, the Israeli troops commandeered several house and turned them into an outlook post, immobilizing the movement. Among those house was the house of Abu Hamza Abed AL kareem in Al Mamoun street. Witnesses said that contacts with the family were lost since dawn.

Furthermore, another house belong to Abu Ghassan Al Ateera in Raphedyia neighborhood turned into a military post as the soldier penned all the households in a single room of the three-storey house.

As many as al Najah University students complained that they were banned to reach their university due to the IOF soldiers patrolling the street leading to the university and firing tear as canisters.

Witnesses told Maannews Agency that the clashes were breaking out between the university students and the soldiers nearby the university in Raphedyia neighborhood.
The soldiers impaired the journalists to take photos, a matter spur skirmishes between the soldiers and the journalists who insisted to do their job and cover the attack in pictures.

To this point, Palestinian security sources said that more than 30 armored vehicles stormed into Ein Beit Al Maa refugee camp and arrested four youths among were two brothers.

The arrestees identified as Murad Al Namruti,24, Lau'i Al namrouti, 26, Aymen Al Salhi,34 and Tawfeeq Al Salhi, 28, after broking in their houses and thoroughly searching .

The same IOF contingent arrested the resident Ahmed Al Sarawe,19,, Tamer Al Titi,22, Zaid Al Dawbda,34, Taher Al Zyoud,35, Ahmed Al Abed 19, and Bassem Ba'ara,20.

The Israeli troops forced the worshippers at Al noor mosque in tal street to peel off their clothes. Witnesses said that the soldiers stormed into the Mosque at dawn prayer and checked the worshippers instructing them to strip off.

For the sixth day in raw, Nablus city has been exposed to daily and sudden overran by the Israeli troops on the allegation of seeking out anti occupation fighters.

Elsewhere, , an IOF troop thrust deep today dawn in Qulqelia city and led him to unknown destination.

Witnesses said that Munther Ali Zaid, 28, was rounded by the soldiers during house to house search.


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