Friday, April 21, 2006

who's foreign policy will we take on, will harper sell us out to the american natural/self inflicted ways ...

Military experts call for more co-operation in Canada-U.S. security efforts
April 21, 2006

WASHINGTON (CP) - A bilateral panel of military experts says Canada and the United States should co-operate more to defend against terrorist attacks and respond to natural disasters.

A final report from the Bi-National Planning Group, struck in 2002, provides 32 recommendations for closer ties in foreign policy, defence and security operations that would include having soldiers cross the border to help in an emergency.

The group says the two countries should develop a comprehensive defence and security agreement that provides for more information-sharing.

The report should act as a catalyst in strengthening cross-border relationships, said Lt.-Gen. Eric Findley, who heads the effort.

One important step in that direction, said the report, is the upcoming renewal of the Norad agreements.

The existing binational agreement on continental air defence, the North American Aerospace Defence Command, will be expanded to include maritime surveillance, Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor has said.

He dismissed the suggestion that it could lead to U.S. warships patrolling Canadian waters, portraying it as merely a transfer of information.

The planning group said a comprehensive agreement is the next logical step.

It would bring unity of effort and direction to each of the defence, security and foreign policy organizations, including Norad, said the report.

As a result, the people of Canada and the United States would become less vulnerable to both man-made and natural threats.