Sunday, December 31, 2006

saddam, cellphone video leak

Full Saddam Execution Video Leaked from Cellphone
Unofficial video, as officials taunted Saddam on the gallows
Warning: Could upset some viewers

And, from Roads to Iraq blog:

The video shows no blood on Saddam’s face and body, TV aired video of the body showed blood, cuts and bruises on the face.

Qudspress sources inside the Green Zone said:

The body of President Saddam Hussein, subjected to beatings and torture by the guards who were in charge of transportation the body.


Height Impaired said...

it looks along the same lines of the many hostage tapes. hooded guards, dark surroundings, a lot of chanting... I personally feel bad for watching it but its sort of like a car wreck you have to get a glance even though you know you shouldn't. But yeah I was going back and forth weather the death penalty should be done, I think that pretty much reaffirms my belief, a death is a death no matter who bad a tyrant , its better to let them deal with themselves in jail.

But jeez, his spine snapped right at the neck thats not pretty. Thanks for the new years imagery.