Sunday, January 21, 2007

fox vamps up the paranoia ....

Fox smears Sen. Obama, says he 'covered up' Muslim past

Fox News Channel's morning program Fox & Friends pointed to a report on Friday that Sen. Barack Obama had attended a Muslim 'madrasa' while living in Indonesia as a 6-year-old child.

Host Steve Doocy went on to highlight Obama's middle name, Hussein, and questioned whether Obama was indoctrinated in extremist Muslim doctrine.



johnjimdc said...

Oh this is priceless . . . and so true to form.

So Fox (& Friends) . . . Faux and Fallacies . . . reports on a story from "insight magazine" (a neo-con news rag compliments of National Review, American Spectator and Washington Time), who "allegedly" attribute that Hillary Clinton's campaign wants to make hey of Obama having Muslim training in his youth.

They just love rolling in it, don't they? So, now, the far-right gets produce their own speculation and then report on it, allowing them to falsely slam Hillary and Obama at the same time.

This behaviour is digusting and so blatantly obvious anymore in the US. And sadly en route to Canada via on-going training of the Conservatives from their south-of-the-border friends.

That's the real story about Fox's morning coffee chat crap. Time to smell the grounds, Canada.