Wednesday, January 10, 2007

they do what they want, when they want; accountable only to themselves

If American leaders were convinced that communism would take over South Asia with the fall of South Vietnam, then George Bush is even more convinced that Islamic fundamentalism might take over with the fall of Iraq. Taking the Vietnam out of Iraq

Baghdad street becomes new Fallujah Sunni residents said the fighting in their neighbourhood began Saturday with clashes between Sunnis and Shiites soon after the Association of Muslim Scholars, the most influential Sunni group in Iraq, warned that militias would cleanse Baghdad of Sunnis in the coming days.

Iraq admits 23,000 civilians died in 2006 As President Bush finalised plans to send thousands more US troops to Iraq, new figures show that almost 23,000 Iraqi civilians died last year.

Five years on, no end to the horror that is Guantanamo When the first prisoners arrived at Guantanamo in January 2002 they were handcuffed, shackled and wearing hoods.

UN raises Somalia bombing concerns The United States has reportedly carried out more air strikes in southern Somalia despite mounting international criticism .... least three US air strikes had been launched since Monday and that more were likely. ... A Somali politician said that 31 civilians, including a newlywed couple, had died in an assault by two helicopters near Afmadow, a town near the Kenyan border 350km southwest of the Somali capital, Mogadishu.