Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Condoleezza Rice Goes too Far!

Olbermann - Special Comment: Condoleezza Rice Goes too Far


Anonymous said...

My first impression of Condoleeza Rice was her standing at the ranch in Crawford during Bush's "pseudo cabinet" phase while the Florida debacle was unfolding.

She was standing there looking quite hip yet professorial waxing on about how the Clinton administration had executed their foreign policy with a "naive" view of the world.

I instantly despised her haughty attitude - I had never even seen her until that day and the arrogance was breathtaking.

But I never dreamed then just how much they could screw up the reputation of the US with their bull in a china shop charades on the world stage.

It won't be a moment too soon when she and her band of experts are soundly exiting stage right.

audacious said...

and the mainstream press ...
they can now peddle backwards, but they still played a good roll, all on their own.