Monday, February 12, 2007

do we privatize Canada Post ...

Privatizing Canada Post would improve 'anachronistic' mail carrier: Study
February 12th, 2007

A study released today suggests privatizing Canada Post and allowing competition would improve mail delivery in Canada.

The study by the C.D. Howe Institute calls the government mail carrier "anachronistic" and "incapable of responding to new challenges." The authors of the study recommend a measured transition to privatization, with the government gradually introducing competitive deregulation.

John Caines, a spokesman for Canada Post, says privatization is not something the company is looking at.

He says Canada Post has been profitable for the past 11 years, and that 96 per cent of letter mail is delivered on time.


Red Jenny said...

Canada Post is fast and efficient. Sending a letter all the way across the country for about half a dollar - that's a steal!

They want to privatize it because there's profits in that there mail business. Oh goody, just what we need, entrusting our important public services to private hands (whose only goal is $$).

Jay said...

Canada Post sucks.

I have lost 75% of christmas gifts shipped by them and They don't deliver mail half the time. I have even had to sort my own mail left in a pool of water on the bottom of the stairs leading into my office complex. Thats if there is a mail person that week. Then there are the mail deliverers who do so by car in winter and in summer. All that GHG due to laziness.

The sooner they privatise it the sooner I will trust my mail to them again.

Canada post WAS fast and efficient but now its staff just lay against the wall while one person serves 30. Too many overpaid workers not doing anything on the taxpayers dollar. Just try calling a depot like they suggest when you have a problem. No annoucement on the phone and its voicemail is perpetually full.

Joshua Kubinec said...

No, we don't privatize Canada Post.

I'm not interested in seeing the price of mail go up just so that some assholes can engage in the class warfare of union busting and worker hating from their position of impunity behind the fat cat desks.

Mark said...

Frankly, I could care less about "union busting" and "worker hating". I would like my mail delivered on time and in one piece. Apparently for Canada Post, that's too much to ask.