Monday, February 5, 2007

frivolous or warranted: Minister Spends $5500 on Limos

Minister Spends $5500 on Limos
Josh Pringle 589 CFRA NewsTalk / February 5, 2007

Heritage Minister Bev Oda is defending her use of limos during her trip to the Junos.

Document suggest Oda racked up $5,500 in limo bills in Halifax last spring.

Oda and her staff used a private limo company 11 times in four days, ordering several cars each day and paying drivers to stand by for as long as seven hours at a stretch.

Documents show Oda wrote a cheque reimbursing the government for $2,226 on May 19.

Oda told Canadian Press that she followed government rules for her choice of transportation.


Darren McEwen said...

It's ridiculous if you read the Toronto Star's version of how the limos and vehicles were ordered and shuffled around but barely used!!!

audacious said...

by years end, i wonder what the total cost is?