Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pakistan, the scapecoat emergence of terrorism in afghanistan

Pakistan not solely responsible for emergence of terrorism: Kasuri
Afghanistan News.Net

New Delhi, Feb 20 : Pakistan Foreign Minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri on Tuesday said it was unfair to make Pakistan 'scapegoat' for the emergence of terrorism in the region, since the terrorists are remnants of the Afghan war era, who were earlier supported by the United States, some European countries and also Pakistan.

On being asked about the recent spate of suicides bombings in Pakistan and the groups behind them, Kasuri said that the attacks were carried out by the remnants of the groups that threw out Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

"When Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the West including the US and European countries, Pakistan and others cooperated in the exercise of getting Soviet Union out. In the process not just Pakistan, US and European countries invited the young men of Muslim world to that area (tribal region of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan) to fight against Soviet invasion of Afghanistan," Kasuri told reporters after meeting the victims of the blasts on the link train of the Lahore-bound Samjhauta Express, here at the Safdarjung Hospital.

"The Soviets were thrown out but they remained," Kasuri added.

Kasuri's remarks comes at a time when Taliban is resurging in Afghanistan and a spate of violent attacks carried out by militant jehadis has rocked the nation.

In a clear indication that the West, including the US and European countries should be held responsible for the terrorism if Pakistan is made to do so, Kasuri told reporters, "It is easier to find scapegoats".

"But Pakistan is not responsible," Kasuri said, adding, his country is at the receiving end from the 'jehadi forces', as Pakistan was carrying out all the efforts to hurt the terrorists.