Wednesday, February 7, 2007

student protests a success in the Interior of BC

Day of Action
Was... Today!


Michael said...

Strange, I don't recall any announcements on education made yesterday. What was the success to which you refer? People in the streets means little without any results. These days of action are quite frankly rather useless. Instead of wasting time chanting the same thing over and over all day and waving a few signs, students should make their voice heard by, you know, VOTING. What politician takes serious a large group of voters that has a 25% turnout rate if that in places?

Misanthropic-Denizen said...

You must be living under a rock then, obviously a half million students heard about the protest and came out to show their support and to voice their concerns regarding massive increases in tuition which are preventing them from furthering their education. You can't make change, without standing up and making some noise, make your demands known - voting is important, but so is creating awareness - being loud, making it known that THEY WILL NOT BACK DOWN!