Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tories New Tobacco Tax Break, for one company, guess who's riding ?????

now, if there was an insentive / grant to have these farmers change their crop from tobacco to something else, .... (and this comes from a smoker, lol) ....

Tories Devise New Tobacco Tax Break
580 CFRA February 7, 2007

The Conservatives are set to introduce a new tax break for a select few tobacco processors.

The tax break will go to processors who sort, grade, dry and pack leaf tobacco and now must pay manufacturers' surtax.

The Globe and Mail reports that the tax break is aimed at the southern Ontario constituency of Immigration Minister Diane Finley.

One industry expert tells the Globe and Simcoe Leaf Tobacco in Finley's riding of Haldimand-Norfolk appears to be the only company that would be eligible for the tax break.

There are 650 tobacco farmers in southern Ontario.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! I live in Finley's ridin'. This here tobacky bizness is a big deal 'round my neck o' the woods.

The gummint's talkin' outta both sides of its mouth. They support the cigarette makers but run ads tellin' everybuddy t' quit smokin'.

They been tryin' t' get the tobacco farmers t' switch t' a different crop fer at least 25 years. There's one simple reason why the farmers don't switch. They make more money growin' their poison crop than they can make on any other crop.

There's $1 billion buyout scheme in the works. The way I hear-tell, haff'll come from the feds an' haff from Ontariariario. A billion divided up among 650 farmers with sum allowance fer bureaucratic overhead comes out t' 'bout a million bucks a piece fer the farmers.

But here's the thing...

Tobacco farmers are the richest farmers in Canadee. They got monster houses, mostly built in the last 20 years. They drive bigass SUV's, Mercedeses, Caddylacks an' bran' new top-o-the-line pickup trucks. They vacation in the most expensive parts o' the world.

They're mostly a buncha snobs, too.

Nobuddy 'round here'll work fer 'em anymore on accopunta they're rotten bosses an' the pay's too low. They cash in on gummint programs so's they can bring offshore workers in t' do the work Canajuns won't do. They have bunkhouses on the farms where these pore bastards from Jamaica, Barbados an' Mexico live crammed together.

Their net worth is 'bout double what the average farmer's is. Their annual income is 'bout 140% o' the average Canajun farmer.

An' it looks like they're each gonna get a million bucks from the publick purse so they can adjust t' market conditions that any fool could o' seen comin' 45 years ago when the US Surgeon general let everybuddy know that there's a direct link between cigarettes an' cancer.

I know a fair number o' tobacky farmers. None of 'em smoke.