Friday, March 2, 2007

another nomination/okanagan shuswap: will she fill the quota?

so far, 2, seek the liberal nomination for okanagan shuswap.

who will win the nomination? will she fill the dion quota for women in liberal politics or the uni student?

Vernon councillor chases federal Liberal nomination
RICHARD ROLKE Vernon Morning Star Staff Mar 02 2007

A Vernon city councillor is casting her eye towards politics at a higher level.

Buffy Baumbrough announced Thursday that she is seeking the nomination of the federal Liberals for Okanagan-Shuswap.

“I attend so many meetings where I hear, ‘Where’s the federal government?’ Communities need support,” said Baumbrough, who has managed her own environmental consulting firm and was elected to city council in 2005.

“I would be able to provide a strong voice in Ottawa for our community.”

Baumbrough also decided to let her name stand because she is pleased with the direction leader Stephane Dion is taking the party.

Among her issues of concern is sustainability when it comes to the environment, the economy and social issues.

“My experience at the municipal level has proven that solutions can be implemented as a result of respectful, co-operative and issue-based dialogue,” she said.

The Liberals have placed third behind the Conservatives and the NDP in recent federal elections, but Baumbrough says the party is trying hard to increase its profile locally.

Baumbrough also believes many Okanagan-Shuswap residents are seeking alternatives at the polling station.

“I’ve been hearing that people want something different from their politicians. They’re tired of promises that are never followed through on,” she said.

Baumbrough says she has associated herself with the Liberals since she was a youth, but she only recently joined the party.

Baumbrough vows to remain as a city councillor until the outcome of the next federal election is known.

“I may have to take a leave if an election is called and there was a short, intense campaign. If I don’t win the election, I will continue as a councillor because I love my work as a councillor.”

Also seeking the Liberal nomination is university student Scott Blurton.

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