Sunday, March 4, 2007

Cnd soldiers - drunk arrested attack police on leave

Canadian soldiers arrested after drunken brawl
Cyprus Mail News March 4, 2007

THREE Canadian soldiers were arrested after a drunken brawl with police outside a club in Limassol early yesterday.

The soldiers were among 200 Canadians from the ISAF force in Afghanistan currently on leave in Cyprus.

Two police officers were injured in the incident in the tourist area of Yermasoyia.
According to police, the drunken Canadians began swearing at a nightclub bouncer after he requested to see identification in order to allow them entry to the club.

Police officers who were nearby and saw the incident approached the men and asked them to stop causing a disturbance.

The men began swearing at the police too and when officers moved to arrest them, the Canadians attacked and injured them.

Finally, the three men were arrested while two policemen were taken to Limassol General Hospital with bruises and scratches.

Limassol police said that the men were charged and released a few hours after their arrest. He added that the men were due to return to their country today.


Prairie Kid said...

Could I ask you what the point of this post is?

Would you have posted this if the Liberals were still in power?

Is it somehow the fault of the Conservatives that these soldiers were drunk?

I thought Liberals supported our troops but not supported our mission?

Yesterday, I saw an article on the news about some drunk soccer fans who accosted the police. Why wouldn't you post that?