Monday, March 5, 2007

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Nine Killed As US Drops Two 2,000lb Bombs On Afghan Civilians
March 5

(RTTNews) -
Nine Afghan civilians were killed when US forces dropped two 2,000 lb bombs during a bombing raid in Kapisa province, Afghan officials said.

Kapisa province's deputy governor, Sayed Daud Hashimi was the first to break the news of the air strike. He said the nine civilians were killed including five women and three children and that the raid was carried out by NATO forces. NATO has denied any involvement.

However, US forces have confirmed carrying out an air strike with Two 2,000lb Bombs in the area after a US base had come under attack but say they have no accurate casualty information.

The news comes shortly after US forces were accused of killing 10 civilians during a shoot out on Sunday in Nangarhar province and after President Hamid Karzai had condemned the Sunday incident accusing US forces of firing indiscriminately at civilians.

Meanwhile, two Associated Press journalists have also accused the US troops of deleting their photos and video footage showing a vehicle in which three people were shot dead during Sunday's incident.