Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Israeli Foreign Minister Arrives in Canada

Israeli Foreign Minister Arrives in Canada
Josh Pringle March 12, 2007 580 CFRA

Israel's second-most powerful politician has arrived in Ottawa on her first trip to Canada.

Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipi Livni will meet Tuesday with Canadian counterpart Peter MacKay.

Security was tight in Ottawa as Livni arrived Monday evening.

In January, Livni's office said "since its election in January 2006, the Canadian government headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper has maintained particularly warm relations with Israel."


Jack said...

While many view Israel as a US satellite state, I would argue that Canada has become an Israeli satellite state under Harper.

What independent state would describe the killing of its own nationals as a "measured response"?

Dan said...

Based on the El Salvador experience, I wonder if MacKay will be able to host the kind of party that the Israeli diplomatic corps expects.

Mike said...

Bring out the Gimp!