Saturday, March 31, 2007

Liberal Party Activists Censoring YouTube Videos Critical of Stephane Dion

Liberal Party Activists Censoring YouTube Videos Critical of Stephane Dion
March 31, 2007

This entry was written by Greg Farries and posted on Fri Mar 30, 2007
It appears that YouTube user “liberalvideo” has been filing Copyright Infringement Notifications against videos that are critical of Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion. Two popular YouTube videos, one critical of Dion’s refusal to renounce his French citizenship, and the other, critical of the Liberals misuse of confidential materials, have been yanked from YouTube’s database.

If you attempt to look for these videos you’re met with the following:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by liberalvideo

It is unclear whether this is an isolated incident or whether this is a new tactic being employed to quell any unfavorable coverage of the Liberal party leader and or the Liberal Party.

Update: Stephen Taylor has got a copy of the video on his site. Go watch the video and see if you can see any copyright infringement.

Update 2: The “misuse of confidential materials” video has been uploaded to YouTube again, lets see how long it stays up…


bigcitylib said...

This is just a tactic people have been using to get unflattering youtube videos off the site for awhile. The Yankees started it last year. It takes time for Youtube to sort through all the conflicting claims. Its just mischief-making, but why not?

PS. Apparently, you can also make "inappropriate content" complaints and have the thing pulled until youtube gets a chance to look at it.

Mike said...

Gosh, who do you think "liberalvideo" is?



janfromthebruce said...

The video doesn't actually prove that the liberal's did anything wrong. The moving of the boxes, if those were really boxes being moved, as you can't see the slip on the box. For all I know, this could be a setup by the cons. This doesn't prove anything that the liberals did anything wrong.
Number 2, were the boxes left in the office? If they were suppose to be sent, but nobody picked them up, with a slip on them or not, but nobody came and got them, well after a while, I'd probably look in those boxes too.
Obviously, nobody from the Cons missed what was in these boxes, or they would have been looking for them long ago.
More to the point, what is the govt doing about Day investigation into buying his seat for the Alliance? If this is true, that he broke a law to gain office, it sure does put a whole new spin on his fundamental christian beliefs. Now where did I put those 10 commandments?
I am not a liberal but this video actually shows nothing except con spin.

alan said...

Cherniak's been a busy, busy little boy.

That's just a rumour I'm passing along that I heard from a credible source, of course.