Friday, March 30, 2007

Liberals plummet, dion holds lowest numbers says new poll

Liberals plummet to 22% nationally, and 11% in Quebec

Greens reach double digits, overtake Bloc

PM’s approval at 40%, with huge boost in Quebec (49%)

Dion at 18%, best showing in Atlantic Canada (25%)

Harper still preferred PM (41% -- 17%), Canada on the right track for 36%



Jay said...

New Ipsos ReidPoll today does not show those numbers. That Leger poll was garbage. Distributing undedcided voters amongst decided voters. Bizarre.

The new poll shows:
Con - 36%
Lib - 31%
NDP - 15%
Grn - 9%
BQ - 8%

audacious said...

Angus Reid Political Tracker: Conservatives hold 17-point lead
Liberals plummet to 22% nationally, and 11% in Quebec; Greens reach double digits, overtake Bloc

03.30.07 Friday

[VANCOUVER – Mar. 29, 2007] – The Conservative Party has extended its advantage in Canada’s federal political scene, as the Liberal Party continues to lose support, an Angus Reid Strategies poll has found.

In the online survey of a representative national sample, 39% of decided voters will cast a ballot for the governing Conservatives in the next federal election. The Liberals stand at 22%, followed by the New Democratic Party (NDP) with 17%, the Green Party with 11%, and the Bloc Québécois with 10%.

In Quebec, the Tories are only three points behind the Bloc (36% to 33%), while the Grits have fallen to fourth place with 11%, just a point below the NDP (12%). In Ontario, the Conservatives hold an eight-point advantage (39% to 31%) over the Liberals.

The poll places Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a national approval rating of 40%, with his highest marks coming in Alberta (53%)—down seven points since a survey conducted in early March—and Quebec (44%).

Stéphane Dion holds poorer numbers. Only 18% of respondents believe he is doing a good job as Leader of the Opposition. In Dion's home province of Quebec, 50% of respondents disapprove of his tenure so far. The Liberal leader’s best numbers come in Atlantic Canada (25%) and Ontario (21%).

Harper also extended his lead over Dion as the preferred Prime Minister of Canada. Two-in-five (41%) respondents select the current head of government for the country’s top political job, while only 17% pick Dion. Almost a third of Canadians (32%) still choose neither leader.

Harper clearly enjoyed a significant post-budget boost in Quebec, where 35% of respondents say their opinion of the Prime Minister has improved over the past month. However, 39% of Atlantic Canadians—and a quarter of respondents in British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan—now have a worse opinion of Harper.

Dion does not seem to be connecting with the voting public. In the whole country, 11% of respondents say their opinion of the Liberal leader has improved over the past month, while 30% now have a worse opinion of Dion.

In all, 36% of Canadians think the country is on the right track, down seven points since early March. In British Columbia, only 29% of respondents express satisfaction with Canada’s direction.
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