Monday, March 5, 2007

when enough is enough.

i do believe that Robert stepped out of line on his blog today, should he apologize? i would think so. however, in the end, for me; that is for Robert and his conscious to decide and / or deliver.

nor am i going to get into (s)he said; or (s)he said - (s)he said; or make reference to particular blogs or past blog posts by Robert. but what i found disturbing as i wandered around various blogs and read some of the posts; when issues have been set forth, when does it let up? when is enough, enough; when the attacks become a vicious cycle / circle?

as for some putting down all blogging dippers. that isn't called for. i for one am on the blogging dippers, and i don't appreciate being boxed in and labelled unfairly; because i'm on a blog list. nor should the other members of the list.

many of the blogging dippers members ran with trying to solve / correct / facilitate change, and then there goes the role of various bloggers, nit-picking with negative comments. maybe all the suggestions aren't perfect, but give credit where due; they (blogging dippers) didn't ignore the issue and turn a blind eye.

as someone asked me earlier why others like myself are on two political blog lists. for some of us, it is because

they may support one party federally and another provincially
they are not totally committed to one party or another
they fluctuate their support according to who a leader is or who the local candidate is or the issues at the time of election
co-bloggers, with different political affiliations
who knows why ...