Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dion responds to Tory attack ads, and i respond ...

dion responds to the tory attack ads.

Jason and his Non-Profit Corp.: Liblogs does what he can for a liberal party by way of promoting homemade videos for the liberals.

will these low budget movies pay off? or in turn, did the over zealous media just enlighten the public, or merely mocked the liberal establishment?

my partner, the NDP'er shakes her head and spews her laughter. and for myself, a liberal, who is no fan of dion; yet, to some a 'liberal outcast'. however, if the combination of dion and company is where the liberal party is at today ... for the first time in my life, my vote surely will not be with the liberals. in my eyes, the party has fallen far from grace, and on their knees for all the wrong reasons. however, i am just one voter ... one liberal in exile.

perhaps enough people will come forward and use the 'donate' tab on the liblogs page, and liblogs could hire a professional media consultant. on the other hand, what are the donations and expenditures for this non-profit organization?

and then one sees, and with tongue and cheek, gives a new meaning to fundraising, lol: The Liberals Americanizing Agenda - lawyers windfall

Dion responds to Tory attack ads
April 4, 2007 By CP

THUNDER BAY -- One day after the Conservatives rolled out an election war machine -- while insisting they don't want an election -- Stephane Dion says the prime minister can't be trusted to keep his word.
The Liberal leader says he also doesn't want an election this year.

But after the Tories released their third pre-election attack ad Monday aimed squarely at Dion, the Opposition leader is hitting back.

Speaking yesterday at Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay, Dion said Harper can't keep his word. He cited income trusts and equalization funding as evidence. Dion called it a "breach of trust between Stephen Harper and the Canadian people."

Meanwhile, the Liberals are fighting back against the big-budget Tory attack ads with a series of decidedly low-budget homemade videos on the Internet site YouTube

A day after the Conservatives unveiled a new TV ad slamming Dion, Liberal supporters highlighted videos that slam Tory policies and accuse Harper of breaking his promises.

One, dubbed "The Price Is Right," features theme music from the game show of the same name, and asks viewers, "What is the price of a majority government?"

The videos, which are not officially endorsed by the party, were put together by people like Jason Cherniak, who runs a website called Liblogs.

Cherniak says he and other Liberals are doing what they can to support Dion.

"The Liberal party might not have enough money to spend on pre-election advertising, but that won't stop Liberal bloggers from fighting back," Cherniak said in a statement.

"We have been doing what we can to support Stephane Dion and this Liblogs video is only our most recent step."

The Conservatives unveiled a new French-language ad Monday, warning Quebecers Dion would deprive their province of equalization money. The Tory ad is designed solely for the Quebec audience and only available in French.

Cherniak's website ( contains a link to French video, but clicking on the link returns users to English-language offerings.