Thursday, April 5, 2007

dion running french radio ads; what no french utube?

Dion says he's launching radio ads in French to combat 'lies' of Tory campaign

The Liberals had no choice but to launch French radio spots in Quebec to combat the "lies" being perpetuated by the Conservative government, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said Thursday.

The Liberals had to react quickly to counter a TV attack ad which claims the Liberals would deprive Quebecers of federal equalization money, said Dion.

"It's something we wanted to do right now because it's so false, what the message is saying in French on TV, it's a pure invention," Dion said of the Tory TV spot, which is designed for a Quebec audience and is only available in French.

"There's nothing to substantiate that I would like to cut the transfers to the province of Quebec."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to deflect attention away from broken promises on the fiscal imbalance and the ensuing criticism from Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, Dion added.

"The way the prime minister changed the formula has been very divisive in our country, because he made foolish commitments to provinces," said Dion.

"The difference between him and me is, he is unable to keep his word and I will keep my word and I will not make commitments I cannot fulfil."

Dion made the comments after speaking at a meeting of the Women's Executive Network in Toronto, where he re-enforced his commitment to getting more women in Parliament while warning that politics is a "tough world."

"I'm very pleased to see many courageous women ready (to run for office) despite the fact that personal attacks are so difficult sometimes," Dion said.

"I would be very pleased to see less personal attacks, less low politics."

Dion has pledged to have women running for the Liberals in a third of the ridings in the next federal election. While he didn't know exactly how many women had been named as candidates so far, Dion said "we're making progress."

The Liberal leader also pledged to get more women in cabinet and to have an equal number of men and women in the Senate and appointed to executive positions at Crown corporations.