Friday, April 13, 2007

dion shows his colours!

Liberal-Greens deal a product of 'backroom wheeling and dealing,' Layton says
April 13, 2007

NDP Leader Jack Layton says a deal between the Liberal and Green Party leaders will deny Canadian choices in the next federal election.

Layton says he's surprised and disappointed that supposedly principled politician like Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has "so quickly slipped into the muck of backroom wheeling and dealing."

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion was expected to announce his decision Friday not to run a Liberal candidate against May in the next federal election.

In return, sources say May will promise not to run a Green candidate against the Liberal leader and will essentially endorse Dion for prime minister.

May's candicacy in the longtime Conservative stronghold of Central Nova, currently held by Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay, could cost the NDP votes.

Dion's odds of holding his safe Montreal seat are already overwhelmingly good, but some Liberals hope the move will demonstrate he is a man of principle who believes so strongly in environmental sustainability that he's willing to sacrifice partisanship.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle me this: If May endorses Dion for PM,what exactly is the purpose of voting Green when I can vote Liberal without May as a middleman.May has just told me that the Green Party is really a puppet of the Liberal Party and Green policys are actually just Liberal Policys which Dion has given May permission to campaign on for further personal consideration/rewards if she can cause MacKay some distress.
I personally think May has just inflicted major damage to the Green party as Green May will now be seen Green Dions flunkie.

audacious said...

I agree, i bet the green will lose votes on account of this. As my partner said, 'jack's stock just went up' ... lol.

I am one of those, a liberal and not a dion supporter. I would risk not voting liberal on account of him being head of the party. I once toyed with the idea of voting green in this next election ... which would have been the first time in a federal election, i had not voted liberal.

so where does that leave my vote?