Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Justin Trudeau in tv special, and no comment on current politics

Trudeau can act?

Justin Trudeau didn't venture too far into current politics yesterday, but he clearly understands the power of his name.

That's why the son of former PM Pierre Trudeau agreed to accept an acting role in the television special The Great War, which will air on CBC next Sunday and Monday.

"If a few more people watch it because of the novelty factor of having me in it, then that's wonderful, because it's such a good project that deserves to be seen," Trudeau said in a one-on-one phone interview with 24 hours news services.

Obviously, no conversation with Trudeau could pass without asking him about the recent provincial election in Quebec and how it might impact the next federal election. Earlier this year, the 35-year-old Trudeau announced he is going to run federally in the Montreal riding of Papineau.

"Listen, two things on that: It's too early to read much into what [effect] the results of the provincial election are going to have on Quebec. And secondly, let's use this time to draw as much attention as we can to the film, and not to current politics," Trudeau said.

Trudeau said that while he thoroughly enjoyed his acting foray, it's not something he is keen on doing again.


DivaRachel said...

(rolling my eyes). So what?

audacious said...

good for trudeau to take on the roll, and not let the politics shadow the press interview.