Tuesday, April 3, 2007

what to do when the piggy bank is empty!

Cherniak interviews himself?
Cherniak Sideshow Aims to Go Toe to Toe with Harpe

Liberals turn to YouTube to counter Tory attack ads
Canadian Press

A day after the Conservatives unveiled new attack ads slamming Stephané Dion, Liberals are fighting back with a series of homemade videos on the Internet site YouTube.

The videos slam Tory policies and accuse Prime Minister Stephen Harper of breaking his promises.

Jason Cherniak, who runs a website called Liblogs, says he and other Liberals may not have a lot of money, but are doing what they can to support Mr. Dion.

The Conservatives unveiled a new French-language ad Monday saying Dion would deprive Quebec of federal equalization money.

The Tories also showed off a state-of-the-art campaign war room that they say will be the hub of an election they insist they don't want.

The Liberals call the suburban industrial office space a “fear factory,” saying they expect the Tories to launch a campaign of fear.