Thursday, April 13, 2006

good news, but it almost sounds like 'american military - bush' style propaganda on the media good news story blitz ...

Decisive action 'stunned' Taliban, says Canadian commander
12 Apr 2006, CBC News

The commander in charge of Canadian forces in Afghanistan says he believes a quick deployment of troops may have "stunned" Taliban fighters in the volatile Sangin district.

Col. Ian Hope says he believes the decision to send Canadian soldiers into the district may have caught the Taliban forces off guard.

"They are stunned at the components we've put together for this operation," Hope said during a news briefing on Wednesday.

"They've never seen a force like this, comprised of armoured vehicles, dismounted infantry and all of the support aspects. I think it's paralyzed them."

The Canadians are deployed in the Sangin district, about 150 kilometres northwest of Kandahar. It is the area where Canadian Pte. Robert Costall and U.S. Sgt. 1st Class John Stone were killed in a gun battle on March 29.

Days after the deaths, coalition commanders ordered an assault on the region with the sole aim of confronting the Taliban.

The assault killed as many as 32 insurgents, with many more fleeing the area.

Hope says many are hiding out among the civilian population and he expects they'll resume hit-and-run suicide bomb and roadside bomb attacks.