Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sorry boys, what a waste of tax dollars; how many low income families in canada are having a hard time with basic grocery needs for thier families ...

Canada offers top pay at Afghan coffee shop
Apr 12, 2006

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) -
Canada is willing to pay top dollar so that its soldiers in Afghanistan are served the kind of coffee and treats they crave.
So well, in fact, that Brigitte Smiley, spokeswoman for the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency, said at least 100 Canadians have applied for 15 jobs at the soon-to-open Tim Hortons Inc. coffee shop at Canada's military base at Kandahar.

Tim Hortons is an extremely popular coffee and baked goods chain in Canada.

While Canadian fast food jobs often pay the minimum wage of about C$8 an hour, the successful Kandahar candidates will earn double that, plus a tax-free allowance of C$1,800 a month. Food and accommodation are free.

The military is looking for applicants who have already worked at a Tim Hortons -- Canada's largest coffee shop chain -- although Smiley said few would have military experience.

The military support agency is setting up the Tim Hortons in response to demand from Canada's 2,200 troops in Afghanistan, who are homesick for their Tims coffee and doughnut fix.

About 5,000 soldiers from other countries are also based in Kandahar and the agency expects about 2,500 people to visit Tim Hortons, Kandahar, each day.


Revolutionary Blogger said...

No Starbucks :(

audacious said...

you're getting a little cheek'ie now aren't you ... lol ...