Monday, April 10, 2006

over 750 artillery shells fired by israeli forces ...

14 Palestinians Killed in 24 Hours, 15th Killed in Bombardment of North Gaza Security Post

GAZA, Palestine, April 9, 2006 (IPC + Agencies) - - Israeli occupation forces bombarded a Palestinian security post in northern Gaza Strip, killing a civilian and injuring six others, and raising the death toll in Gaza to 15 in the past 24 hours.

Local and medical sources said that Yasser Abu Jarad, 28, a taxi driver, was killed when Israeli artillery bombarded his vehicle, while driving some security personnel to their post near the town of Beit Hanoon.

Shortly afterwards, Israeli forces also bombarded another security post near the entrance of Beit Hanoon Town, injuring at least two security officers. The Israeli artillery fired at least another five shells on medics and citizens who rushed to the location to rescue the injured security members, according to local media reports.

Also, Israeli bombarded a plastic factory east of Jabalya Refugee Camp, injuring nine Palestinians, among them several civilians, according to sources at Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza.

The Israeli bombardment of the northern and eastern parts of Gaza Strip continues until the moment, warning of more casualties among the civilian population and security personnel.

With this new aggression, the death toll in Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours rose to 15 Palestinians, after Israeli warplanes fired late last night several missiles at a training camp for Ahmad Abul Reesh Brigades, a militant offshoot of Fateh movement, in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, killing six Palestinians and injuring at least three others.

This was preceded on Saturday night with the extrajudicial execution of two Palestinian resistance activists east of Gaza City, when Israeli warplanes fired several missiles at their vehicle. Three bystanders were wounded in this attack.

Medical sources identified the slain activists as Sami Abu Shariaa, 22, and Mahmoud Ajjour, 20, both members of the Mujaheddin Brigades, a branch of the Fateh-linked Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. A third activist, whose name was not disclosed, was critically injured in the attack.

This extrajudicial execution coincided with a funeral procession for six Palestinians who were killed two days ago when Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at a training camp for Al Nasser Salaheddin Brigades, the militant arm of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC).

On the other hand, three citizens from one family were injured when Israeli artillery bombarded arable lands in the town of Beit Lahya, north of Gaza Strip.

Medical sources pointed out that Mohammed, Ahmad and Khalil Abu Rabea were injured when Israeli artillery fired dozens of shells towards citizens' homes and agricultural patches of land in the town.

Israeli radio revealed that over the past four days, more than 750 artillery shells were fired on northern and eastern Gaza Strip by Israeli forces, causing a state of general panic among the civilian population, which reached to the extent that some residents were forced to abandon their homes and flee under the heavy bombardment.