Friday, February 2, 2007

dion stamps approval; Justin Trudeau!

Dion OKs Justin Trudeau to run in next election
Feb. 1 2007 Robert Fife, CTV News

Stephane Dion has given his stamp of approval for Justin Trudeau to run for the Liberals in the next election, says a senior Liberal insider.

The source said Trudeau, the oldest son of Margaret Trudeau and the late former prime minister, will run in his home province of Quebec, most likely in Montreal.

"He is going to run," said the insider.

The insider said a riding has not been selected but Dion does not want him to run in a safe Liberal riding such as the Outremont riding recent vacated by Jean Lapierre.

The insider said the party wants Trudeau to run in a Montreal-area riding now held by the Bloc Quebecois.

Discussions are underway to find an appropriate riding for Trudeau.


WestmountLiberal said...

Damn that Fife! I heard the same but it was rumour only.
Me thinks Outrement is still up for grabs eventhough I would like to see high profile woman run there.

audacious said...

i wish they would put justin in our riding! would be good for the west ... !

s.b. said...

It will not be Outremont and thankfully high profile Liberal men are getting the message. If you're so hot win us a riding don't ask for a free pass. Kennedy has also said he will not run in a safe riding. Good for them! This is the right way for these riding resources to be allocated and for men to step aside for women. Dion gets it!