Monday, February 5, 2007

politicians of all strips; something is very seriously wrong here ...

now understand, i am not criticizing this / these programs,

Support to Woundeded Soldiers Progam for hospital packs for injured soldier. Each pack provided to the soldiers contains sweats, t-shirts, under clothing, toiletries and other small items. They are provided to the soldiers on evacuation and, when the medical system has removed the combat clothing they were wearing, the pack contents become the soldiers' immediate level of support until the means to provide other items at the hospital fills his or her needs.

what i question or raise, is we send these people over there, and the The Royal Canadian Regiment, and The RCR Association and other groups HAS to canvas for donations funds for these basic needs? yet we as taxpayers foot the bill for an example: Minister Spends $5500 on Limos . perhaps more so, we constantly hear the government constantly saying support the troops or support the mission .... ; if we are sending our troops over there, then for gawd sakes the federal govenment has to put in more funding in compensation, care, and an immediate and long care support when they need it.

here is another fund i came across:

Sapper Mike Mc Teague Wounded Warrior FundThis fund supports Canadian service persons wounded on operations while recovering in Germany, at the outset of the healing process. The fund aims to improve the general morale and welfare of the soldiers and their families by working through first-line caregivers, medical staff, chaplain's and Assisting Officers. You can also find out more here. Also, some recent media coverage here.

and another:

Operation Small PackOperation Small Pack has been set up by the PPCLI Association for hospital packs for their wounded. If you're interested in helping, donations payable to the Hamilton Gault Memorial Fund Operation Small Pack can be forwarded to: Regimental HQ, PPCLI, PO Box 10500 Stn Forces, Edmonton, AB T5J 4J5.

and yet another:

Soldier OnSoldier On is a recovery/rehabilitation effort that will provide injured personnel (especially amputees) with athletic equipment and training. Sergeant Andrew Mc Lean, a Winnipeg-based search-and-rescue technician and former infanteer, helped set up the program to help purchase items not covered by DND or Veterans Affairs. To donate to Soldier On, go to the Canadian Paralympic Foundation page for more details. Donations, either online (in the instructions box) or through the mail, must be directed specifically to the Soldier On program. If you would like further information feel free to contact Sgt Mc Lean via e-mail.

i'm sure there are more ...