Thursday, April 5, 2007

layton: what kind of leader uses federal tax dollars to attack a province

NDP's Layton says parties should make Commons work, not prepare for election

NDP Leader Jack Layton says enough with the election sabre-rattling.

He says it would be a good idea for all party leaders - especially Prime Minister Stephen Harper - to roll up their sleeves and make the minority government work, rather than spend time preparing for a possible spring vote.

In a Parliament Hill news conference today, Layton added to the already thick election talk, saying Harper has been "fundamentally disingenuous" by claiming he doesn't want a vote, but at the same time showing off the super-sized Conservative party war room earlier this week.

He accused the prime minister of governing as though he had a majority and claims not to have had a meeting with Harper for months.

If the Conservatives ever get a majority, Layton said: "God help us."

He says he hasn't spoken to a single Canadian who wants an election at this time.

Layton also took a shot over ads in running in Newfoundland and Labrador that criticize Premier Danny Williams, saying he wonders what kind of leader uses federal tax dollars to attack a province.