Monday, April 10, 2006

israel targeting students and kidnapping from hospitals ...

Occupation Soldiers and Settlers on Rampage in W. Bank

WEST BANK, Palestine, April 9, 2006 (IPC+ Agencies) - -Israeli occupation forces stormed several cities and twons of the West Bank, wounded and arrested several, kidnapped two wounded laying in hospital bed, held tens of students at a flying checkpoint as well as a mob of setters attacked shepherd herding their sheap.

Occupation forces stormed today morning into Al Ahli "national hospital in Hebron and arrested two residents were admitted in the hospital bed.

Bader Amro, security chief in the hospital said that a large occupation troop besieged the hospital at 2:00 am dawn, smashed the hospitals' doors before having kidnapped Tawfeeq Al Atrash,18, and Jibreel Al Atrash, 20 aged.

The two arrestees were evacuated to the National hospital yesterday before, suffering from wounds resulted in the explosion of strange object in Abu Suneinah neighborhood overlooking the old town of Hebron, north west bank.

For the seventh day in raw, the Israeli troops strictly tightened its siege and closure on Jenin district.

Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses said that the Israeli troops installed several flying military checkpoints throughout Jenin district in particular the southward and south westward.

The same sources added that the military checkpoints concentrated between Arabba and Fahma towns and between Qabatyia and Sanour towns. The soldiers manning such checkpoints held the taxies and fully vetted them and most often they were denied access through the checkpoint.

Eight residents were rounded up today dawn by the Israeli occupation troops in several parts of the West Bank cities, allegedly justified for being wanted.
Occupation army sources said that in Rammallah city of the West bank, five residents were arrested and in Hebron three others believed to be Hams's activists.

To east Tulkarem, a resident was wounded by the Israeli troops and three other arrested in IOF incursion in Anabtta town.

Following the invasion clashes between and stone-throwers and the invading soldiers advanced deep into the town backed by five armored personnel carriers.

Local sources reported that Ahmed JadAllah ,18, was wounded during the clashes. Among the three arrestees identified Thaer Zaidan, from Rameen town of east Tulkarem.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces held Saturday evening tens of the students from Vocationnal Tulkarem School at Deir Sharf close to Nablus city.

Murad Al Shkaer, student, said that the Israeli soldiers intercepted their vehicles while they were in their way back home from a school trip in Jericho and forced at gunpoint all the students and teachers to get off the vehicles and held them for hours with no gratuitous excuse.

The student added that the soldiers beat up the students and teachers after questioning them and fully vetted them and their papers before allowing them access and return back to Tulkarem.

Four residents were arrested during the Israeli occupation troops incubation, into sylat Al Harethyia village, west of the West Bank city of Jenin, surrounded several neighborhoods .

A local source in Jenin reported above 30 military armored vehicles backed two D-N caterpillar bulldozers under a volley of heavy fire advanced deep into the town and cordoned off a house in Al Thayna quarter, west the town and asked the households to leave the house otherwise the house wil be knocked down upon their heads.

The IOF incursion accompanied by random firing resulted in the injury of 15 year-old Ameer Shawahna with a live round in his head, he is in critical situation as well as Bassem Zyoud, live bullet in the right leg , Yaaser Zyoud ad Jameel Shawahna, 16.

Eye witnesses accounted that residents were led handcuffed and blindfolded to the IOF military jeeps.

Meanwhile, mob of extremist armed settlers attacked on Saturday several Palestinian Shepherds east of Sa'ir village, in Hebron district; one shepherd was badly injured in his face.

Medics in Hebron reported that resident Moneer Mohammad Shalalda, 25, was badly bruised in his face in addition to sustaining scars and bruises in several parts of his body.

Shalalda was herding his sheep along with other shepherds when an extremist settlers group attacked them in Al Qanoub area, east of Sair village, close to an illegal settlement outpost known as "Asfar".

He said that after he was attacked by the settlers, an Israeli police jeep and army jeeps arrived in the area but the settlers fled the scene. The Israeli police told Ghanayim that he should receive medication in an Arabic hospital.